Customer Testimonials

Badminton Bay have Great products and super services.I would recommend any to buy with confidents.


Quang Tu, United Kingdom | 07-28-2014

Yes I am very happy about good purchased from Badminton Bay. I just find difficult to choose racket because descriptions are too similar between them. If you can improve raquets descriptions, I think it will be more helpfull for customers.
Thank you and see you soon.


Thnah Nguon, France | 07-28-2014

I have purchased at least a dozen rackets from Badminton Bay at various times - I think that speaks for something.
To be honest, the first time, I was a bit wary about buying things from a far far away place in Malaysia. But the products were delivered via FedEx well-packed in about 5 to 7 days in perfect condition with no issues at all.

Since then I have gone back several times and recommended Badminton Bay to other players in my club as well. I use Apac Lethal 6 as my main racket for recreational doubles games. It is worth mentioning that your string service is excellent - matching my tension request every time (for all my four Lethal 6 rackets, ordered at different times).

I enjoyed working with you or Catherine in past - you guys made the process easy and accurate. Payment thru PayPal is seamless even for international transactions.

Friendly and reliable services plus favorable prices means great value for customers. Not only I am a repeat Badminton Bay customer, you have turned me from a loyal Yonex owner to an Apac fan. If I ever have a chance to visit Malaysia, I’d like to stop by your shop to meet you in person some day.


PC, United States | 07-28-2014

I like the badminton shoe that brougth from badmintonbay.  Most likely will buy again from badmintonbay in the future.  Thanks.


Paul Wong, United States | 07-28-2014

It is very nice experience to buy product from Badminton Bay, as I run a badminton club I needed some racket for my club & I am very fortunate to find Badminton bay from internet. The product I bought from BB is very good & I won 2 tournament by playing these.

I love those racket specially Apaces Virtuso 30. One thing I've notice recently you increased the shipping price ( little bit) but it's ok for me & so many rackets are out of stock right now. Every Day me & my friend browse your web to see is there any cheap & light weight (6U) racket comes out or not.

So until now it is very pleasure to buy rackets from you.


Chowdhury, United Kingdom | 07-28-2014

My buying experience with badminton bay was very good. Your website was well organized and easy to use. Same goes to your level of service from taking my order to me receiving the product. I purchased the edgesaber 10 and have enjoyed the it. I plan to buy from you in the near future and have recommended friends to your website.


Tom, Canada | 07-28-2014

I am very satisfied of two rackets that I bought from Badminton Bay. Stringing in second racket was tighter as I asked for and it plays great. Everything went smoothly, good product and fast delivery. Will buy again.

Actually my previous racket Carlton had vibrations and my wrist pain stopped when I started to play with APACS


Jaakko Lehtonen, Finland | 07-28-2014

YESSS, INDEED, I enjoyed the product I bought from you! The racket worked excellent for 2 years, after that I hit the ground very hard and it broke. I definitely will come back and buy another one at your store, unfortunately I earn very little money at the moment; (I live in Romania, eastern Europe) and I need to save the money for this project, but I sure will come back! I liked your service as well, you hoped me last time too to buy a very good racket at a reasonable price. So, Im a fan of Badminton Bay!

Keep on doing your excellent service!


Bulcsu, Romania | 07-28-2014

Delivery is fast, product is what stated on description. I did recommend this website to a few of my friends and they made purchases too. Although it's weird, me myself and my friends are Malaysians and we are buying racket from Malaysia being delivered to US. All in all, great service and great website.


Tengsong Ng, United States | 07-28-2014