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Apacs Blend Duo 10X Blue Red White Badminton Racket (6U)
Apacs Blend Duo 10X Blue Red White Badminton Racket (6U)
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Apacs Blend Duo 10X badminton racket is designed with a blend of high speed and stable frame that gives you more satisfaction during smashing and easier back-hand clear. Blend Duo 10x comes in to take over our Blend Duo 88 model which&...
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YESSS, INDEED, I enjoyed the product I bought from you! The racket worked excellent for 2 years, after that I hit the ground very hard and it broke. I definitely will come back and buy another one at your store, unfortunately I earn very little money at the moment; (I live in Romania, eastern Europe) and I need to save the money for this project, but I sure will come back! I liked your service as well, you hoped me last time too to buy a very good racket at a reasonable price. So, Im a fan ...READ MORE...»

Bulcsu , Romania