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Apacs Blend 7000 (4U) Badminton Racket
Apacs Blend 7000 (4U) Badminton Racket
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Apacs Blend 7000 badminton racket is designed with the blend of high speed and stable frame. This creates the perfect blend of speed and power, enabling you to enjoy the best of both world. With its light body and slight head hea...
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YESSS, INDEED, I enjoyed the product I bought from you! The racket worked excellent for 2 years, after that I hit the ground very hard and it broke. I definitely will come back and buy another one at your store, unfortunately I earn very little money at the moment; (I live in Romania, eastern Europe) and I need to save the money for this project, but I sure will come back! I liked your service as well, you hoped me last time too to buy a very good racket at a reasonable price. So, Im a fan ...READ MORE...»

Bulcsu , Romania